This website simulates the maintenance costs of automobiles in INDIA. You can look up the maintenance costs of approximately 58,000 models. The maintenance costs of an automobile can be calculated from the fuel costs, annual mileage, inspection costs, insurance costs, parking costs, and tax.
The results for the maintenance costs are given for one year, ten years, and a lifetime (50 years). Now, how much does it cost you to maintain your car for a lifetime?

For reference
In Japan, automobile maintenance costs are very high, and the gasoline price is Rs.150 per L (liters), of which Rs.54 is tax.
If you drive 10,000 miles (16,093 km) annually in a 1,500 cc class small car the costs are as follows;
Gasoline costs: Rs.272,000(of which tax Rs.86,000)
Tax, compulsory insurance:Rs.64,600
Voluntary insurance:Rs.48,000
Inspection costs:Rs.30,000
Parking costs:Rs.120,000
If you drive a car for ten years, the cost is Rs.534,600. In a lifetime (50 years), the cost is Rs.26,730,000. Out of this, tax is Rs.7,530,000. On top of this, there will be the separate cost of purchasing the car.
(Calculated using the conversion of Rs.100=100 JPY)

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